SolidWorks “save as” PDF, Adobe Illustrator, DXF macros

Ever wanted to be able to just click one button and be able to save your SolidWorks drawings as a PDF, DXF or an Adobe Illustrator file without having to use File Save as, then choosing the file type?  Well, there is a very simple way of doing it using macros.  Adding a macro to your toolbar is very easy to do, just follow the steps below and you’ll be saving time by cutting out unnecessary mouse clicks.  First download the macros here…   Save the macros and the .bmp images in a organized folder somewhere on your network (if this will be used by multiple users) or if you are the only one using this, then somewhere on your computer. 

SolidWorks Tools/Customize/Macros

Next go into SolidWorks and on the Standard toolbar choose Tools, then Customize, under the Commands tab choose Macro.  Drag the “New Macro Button” (It’s the picture of a man with a green shirt on) onto any toolbar.


New Macro Button

Now it’s time to assign the macro and image to that new macro you just added to your toolbar.  Once you try and add the button to your toolbar it will automatically launch the “Customize Macro Button” dialog box.  Click on the “Choose Image” button and locate your BMP macro image on your computer or on your network.  Assign a Tooltip phrase such as “Saves file as PDF” and a Prompt such as (PDF).  Next click on the button across from Macro (its the little button with three … in it) and locate the SWP file (this is the macro file).  You can also assign a shortcut if you so please but is optional.

Now open up any drawing and test it out…  It will save the drawing file as either a PDF, DXF or AI file in the same folder with the same part number as the original file.
I find these macros a huge time saver especially when every SolidWorks drawing file I save also gets a pdf and dxf.
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